The pier21 Marine Centre is an innovative concept providing Auckland boat-owners, and international visitors, with the best range of choice in vessel storage, maintenance and servicing.

It has the first Drystack Boatpark built in Auckland with 190 berths for smaller craft (up to 9.2m). It has a purpose-built gantry crane to quickly and safely stack and retrieve your boat, minimising accidental damage as the operator works close to where the lift is occurring (unlike forklift options that are not as precise in their handling and have additional problems with diesel fumes).

The Boatyard has room for 30 boats and has a Travelift for lifting boats in and out of the water. With the assistance of our On-site partners, we can provide all the maintenance requirements you may require such as: general maintenance, anti-fouling and repainting, a lift and wash service, engine repair, hull surveys, keel fitting, propellor refurbishment, etc. Or you can use your own people – we provide the space.

The Marina is the ideal location for your yacht in Auckland, with secure berthing for up to 48 vessels (up to 30m in length and 3m draft). There are a full range of services onsite, such as shower and laundry facilities, and it is only a 5 minute walk to downtown Auckland.

The bottom line ... more hassle free boating out on Auckland's magnificent harbour, or beyond!

Drystack Boatpark


The pier21 Drystack boatpark has to be the best way for you to store your boat. Not only is it stored up out of the water in a well-ventilated and secure building, it saves you the hassle of hauling it down to the boatramp and queuing before you even get out onto the water.

Boatyard (50T)


The pier21 Hardstand boatyard is the only available space in Westhaven where you have complete choice as to how, when and by whom your boat’s maintenance is carried out. The boatyard has room for 30 boats and has covered facilities available.



The pier21 Marina is easily accessible in the centre of Westhaven, 5 minutes walk from downtown Auckland. It has secure berthing for vessels up to 30m in length and 3m draft.

pier21 Marine Centre

15 Westhaven Drive
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Phone: 09 374 4461

Services we provide

Drystack Boatpark
Boatyard (50T)

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Brokerage Facilities

We have multiple On-site Yacht Brokerage and Boat Sales partners who can help with facilitating the buying or selling of your boat or yacht.

Painting & Maintenance

Via our On-site partners, pier21 can offer a wide range of boat servicing options that give you choice in who you deal with.